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Last month in Taylor, Michigan during a day that the sun was finally shining brightly on, the Autoblog staff first laid eyes on the brand-new 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV. The crew was on deck to take a short drive to thoroughly explore one of the most long-awaited new features on board: Super Cruise. The Bolt EUV is the first non-Cadillac vehicle to get GM’s advanced driver assistance system that allows the driver to remove their hands from the wheel completely during highway driving.

It’s a time that we have long-awaited here at Jim Butler Chevy of St. Louis, as this incoming technology was impressive enough to win Autoblog’s 2019 Technology of the Year Award, and has seen even more improvement over the last three years. There are over 70,000 miles of road where it is functional, and it combines adaptive [...]

As the age of electrification has already descended upon us, all of us here at Jim Butler Chevy of St Louis have been attentively watching the coming changes to the vehicle lineup, and are eager to see how the shift progresses. The Bolt EV now gains a larger relative in the form of the 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV, which combines the hardware of a Bolt Hatchback with an ideal added infusion of SUV-like style. These two models are destined to possess many unique characteristics, and will not possess a single duplicate body panel between the two of them.

Coming in at 169.5 inches long, the 2022 EUV boasts 6.3 more inches than its relative, and sits on a 2.9-inch longer wheelbase. This bodes well for passengers in the rear, which will now offer 39.1 inches of legroom to allow for some healthy sprawling out. The lean-and-clean power source [...]

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